teenagers sharing chat invites through their phones

Invite your Friends!

Chattique encourages you to invite your friends and acquaintances to join our chat platform. Share the benefits of Chattique's safe and private chat environment with your friends and let them experience the secure communication firsthand.

Here's how you can invite your friends to join Chattique:

  • Spread the Word: Personally reach out to your friends and inform them about Chattique. Share your positive experiences and emphasize the safety and privacy features that set Chattique apart from other chat platforms.
  • Social Media Sharing: Leverage your social media presence to spread the word about Chattique. Share posts, updates, or stories highlighting the benefits of joining Chattique. Encourage your friends to reach out to you if they're interested so you can provide them with more information or invite them directly. Share us on Instagram, Snapchat, Discord and more!
  • Direct Messaging: Send direct messages to your friends, either through Chattique's private messaging feature (if available) or through other messaging platforms. Personally invite them to join Chattique, explain the advantages, and answer any questions they may have.

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