Online Predators Exposed: The Story of Chase Lewis

Chase Lewis is a dangerous sexual predator, and your safety is at risk. Stay far away from him and any chat websites associated with him. He is out to harm and manipulate you. These websites are traps meant to collect your personal information, like your IP address and email, so he can blackmail you. Do not engage with Chase Lewis under any circumstances. If you have already shared your information, take immediate action. Tell a trusted adult or contact the authorities right away to protect yourself from further harm. Your safety is of utmost importance.

His known aliases are: Lazaro, Laz, Rex, Rexcoding, Black Rex, Rexer, Mari

In today's digital world, where we connect and chat online, there are some people like Chase Lewis with malicious intentions who try to harm teenagers. Chase Lewis and others like him use chatrooms as a way to trick and manipulate young individuals. One dangerous tactic they use is blackmail, where they gather personal information or embarrassing content and then threaten to share it unless their victims comply with their demands. This can be extremely scary and harmful for teens. It's important for you to know how predators like Chase Lewis operate, so you can stay safe and protect yourself while chatting online.

One of the worst things Chase Lewis and other predators do is use blackmail to force teenagers into sharing naked pictures of themselves. This is not only harmful but also against the law. These predators use personal information they've gathered, like private chats or secrets, to scare and control their victims. Chase is involved in a fake hacker movement, him and his friends threaten to expose these teenagers if they don't send explicit photos or videos. It's really important to know that this is very wrong and illegal. Sharing explicit images as a minor is against the law, and these predators know that. They don't care about the harm it causes.

Chase Lewis stalks chatrooms, like the one we're in now, with the intention of finding potential targets. Once he identifies someone, he steals their personal assets, such as private photos or videos, and uses them as leverage. He then coerces his victims into doing favors for him, which can range from spreading harmful content to engaging in illegal activities. It's essential to be aware of this type of predator and take immediate action if you encounter someone like Chase Lewis.

Chase Lewis's actions not only hurt individuals but also harm businesses like Amber Lewis Photography, which is a family-oriented small company. When people find out about what Chase does, it creates a bad image for the business and makes potential customers stay away. It's like a ripple effect. When people hear about his behavior, they feel worried and don't want to support or be associated with the business. This can lead to fewer customers and damage the reputation of the company. It's important to realize that Chase's actions have consequences beyond individuals, and we should work together to stop this kind of behavior and support businesses that have good values, like Amber Lewis Photography.

Chase and Amber Lewis:

Amber Lewis Photography
(757) 407-2196
[email protected]
[email protected]

3617 Brookwood Dr
Portsmouth, VA 23703

Stay safe my friends. If you have any predators you'd like to report, with proof, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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